The Loft Collection

Hampton & McMurray offer a wide variety of Loft Furniture among our wide range of stock. We can provide you with everything you could need from a Loft coffee table to a Loft Dara clock. You want retro? We’ve got it!

Find that ideal piece of furniture to complete your room’s aesthetic. Make every room a pleasure to be in!

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Brilliantly Stylish Furniture

Loft are experts at making their furniture with a very specific style, but a style that is as brilliant as it is pleasing for all the lovers of the retro, rustic aesthetic. 

Take a look at some of the wonderful selections we have:

Loft Retro Storage Unit– it can be hard to find storage units that are ideal for a retro look, but Loft provides one of the best retro-styled models of storage units. Its stripped paint aesthetic is perfect for a rustic home vision!

Loft Dara Clock – and what vintage look would be complete without this gem? The Loft Dara clock is ideal as the ideal rustic accent for your living room. A room comes to life with all the little details.

Loft Retro Media Unit with Doors – not only does this media unit look spectacular for certain aesthetics, but it is also made from recycled boat wood. Be environmentally friendly and get exemplary furniture. The recycling adds a little bit of charm to this piece that blends wonderfully with its design.

Loft Retro Headboard (5ft) – and for the bedroom, we have pieces such as the retro headboard from Loft. Complete that rustic look in your bedroom by getting a headboard that doesn’t only look magnificent but is sturdy too. 

Great Furniture And Great Deals!

Not only do we provide our customers with furniture perfect for their design needs, but we also provide fantastic deals with them. 

For example, take our price match policy that makes sure that our prices stay competitive. Or our clearance section where we often sell off high-quality furniture at heavily discounted rates.

Our Renowned White Glove Delivery Service

But with our great deals aside, we aim to provide the best customer end-to-end service around. This is no more prevalent than with our White Glove delivery service. Our delivery service will make sure that your furniture is delivered around your schedule, keeping things simple and streamlined.

No more waiting around for your delivery! Pick a date and we will handle the rest.

We even go the extra mile by assembling your furniture in a room of your choice if you so require. No need to fish out the tool kit from the back of the cupboard.

Contact Us Now!

Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to help you with any queries you may have.

We can even help you ascertain what furniture may suit your needs best. So no matter if you know exactly what you need or are a little unsure, we can help you out.

Feel free to get in touch here and have a chat with us about your options; obligation-free.

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Loft Tortona Dining Table
Loft Tortona Dining Table
Pricing ranges due to the many variations which can be made to this table.  Wooden Legs - pricing ranges from £995 - £1969  Metal Legs - pricing ranges from £1055 - £2489
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Console Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Console Table 9135-18BD
£399.00 £339.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Lamp Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Lamp Table 9135-03BD
£189.00 £149.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Media Unit
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Media Unit 9135-25BD
£799.00 £639.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Shaped Coffee Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Shaped Coffee Table 9135-02BD
£319.00 £259.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Wide Sideboard
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Wide Sideboard 9135-15BD
£1,349.00 £1,079.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Footstool - Dark Grey Fabric
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Footstool - Dark Grey Fabric 9135-09FDB
£285.00 £229.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Footstool - Old West Vintage Fabric
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Footstool -Old West Vintage Fabric 9135-09OFDB
£285.00 £229.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Casual Chair - Old West Vintage Fabric
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Casual Chair - Old West Vintage Fabric 9135-09OBD
£769.00 £599.00
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Coffee Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Coffee Table 9135-06BD
£325.00 £259.00

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Nest of Tables
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Nest of Tables 9135-07BD
£269.00 £215.00
Loft Retro Trunk / Coffee Table
This retro industrial trunk table is made from recycled boatwood with the original paint of the boats still showing. This trunk is very spacious inside providing great storage space. Each piece is unique and colour will differ. The top is made from rounded steel, slightly brushed for a more industrial effect. Sturdy clasps to close.
£699.00 £559.00

Loft Dara ClockLoft Dara Clock
Loft Dara Clock
The Dara clock is a classic design with a vintage look. The perfect statement piece for your kitchen or living room. With a dark brown edge and off white face this clock looks aged and will add a focal point to your living space.