Lamp & Side Tables

At Hampton McMurray we stock an impressive, stylish selection of lamp and side tables to compliment any home aesthetic that you can imagine. 

No matter if you are updating your room’s look to a more contemporary style, or deciding to backdate for that classic and traditional look. Our furniture is of a spectacular quality, and you will be hard pressed to find better furniture anywhere else. 

All the tables that we offer have been crafted with endurance and style in mind. With top brands like Ashmore, Ercol, and Tom Schneider, you will be investing in furniture for a lifetime – not just a few years. The skillful craftsmanship speaks for itself with a broad range of different shapes, sizes, and designs of side and lamp tables that we have to offer.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best to accent your living spaces.

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Brilliant, Sophisticated Variety 

Your home’s vision is important; it helps make your spaces what they are. It helps keep them personal and enjoyable to be in. So, whatever you decide to go for aesthetically, you can rest assured that Hampton and McMurray will have furniture to match. 

We are proud to offer a host of lamp and side table options that will give you plenty of choice for your chosen aesthetic. Here are just some of the options that we have in stock:

Ashmore WA102 Side Table – Consider this premium option for a splendid addition to your living space. This side table with its fashionable Burr Walnut finish is ideal for people looking to elevate their living space for a traditional feel.

Ercol Bosco Compact Side Table – Sitting at the top of our range with the Ashmore, the Ercol side table’s craftsmanship will last a lifetime. This compact model is ideal for those small spaces you can’t fill any other way. Ideal for the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else it’s sleek design suits.

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Lamp Table – For those looking for darker accents to complement your room’s overall aesthetic, this Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Lamp table is quaint and beautifully designed. With its wonderfully simplistic design this table can suit both traditional and contemporary room styles. 

Tom Schneider Side Table – A classy option for any home, the Tom Schneider side table provides a unique flair to any room it graces. With its neutral shade of chocolate brown, it fits it snugly to any room design vision that you can think of. 

Our Promise On Deals

Why choose us? Our price match policy will keep our prices fair and provide you with the best value for your money. We are proud of the high-quality but affordable selection that we provide to our customers. If you find a comparable lamp or side table at a lower price, then we’ll match it!

This isn’t even mentioning our spectacular clearance section where you can check out what furniture is going at reduced rates. Checking here often is a good way to get yourself a good deal on magnificent furniture. 

Our Punctual White Glove Delivery Service

The White Glove delivery that we offer is designed to keep you up to date through every step of the delivery process and it gives you complete control over when your furniture is delivered. We operate around your time, not the other way about. 

We even take the time to construct your furniture where you want it, if this is a service that you require. When you decide to purchase from our exceptional selection, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible. Our delivery service members also ensure to take away all excess packaging that you don’t need.

Have A Chat With Our Team Now

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will help you find the furniture that is perfect for your home’s aesthetic. We are known as furniture experts for a reason! If you want to reach out then you can get in touch here. We are happy to help.

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Ashmore WA102 Side Table.
Ashmore WA102 Side Table. Burr Walnut Finish.
£775.00 £659.00
Ashmore WA103 Lamp Table.
Ashmore WA103 Lamp Table. Burr Walnut Finish.
£615.00 £519.00

Ashmore WA106 Glass Top Side Table.
Ashmore WA106 Glass Top Side Table. Burr Walnut Finish.
£839.00 £699.00
Ashmore WA107 Glass Top Lamp Table.
Ashmore WA107 Glass Top Lamp Table. Burr Walnut Finish.
£699.00 £595.00

Ashmore WA810 Glass Top & Bottom Lamp Table.
Ashmore WA810 Glass Top & Bottom Lamp Table. Burr Walnut Finish.
£925.00 £785.00
Ercol Bosco Compact Side Table
This Bosco compact side table is the perfect size for a smaller bedroom. This oak bedroom furniture is finished in our clear matt lacquer, providing protection whilst at the same time showing the beauty of the timber.
£305.00 £239.00

Ercol Romana Lamp Table
The Romana oak lamp table includes a slimline drawer for storing small items. The front edge of the table top bears the signature soft curve, and the legs have the fluid organic curves and chamfers that, characterise Romana. This oak furniture is finished in a clear matt lacquer to show the beauty of the natural timber.
£1,010.00 £799.00
Ercol Siena High Side Table.
Ercol Siena High Side Table.
£305.00 £239.00

Ercol Siena Low Side Table.
Ercol Siena Low Side Table.
£280.00 £219.00
Ercol Siena Medium Side Table.
Ercol Siena Medium Side Table.
£290.00 £229.00

Ercol Windsor Lamp Table
The Windsor elm lamp table includes a useful drawer for storing small items. The traditional ercol style is retained through the dovetail joints on the drawers and the beautifully sculpted oval handle. A low storage shelf is the perfect home for your books and magazines. The lamp table will be finished in your choice from a range of lacquer colours that both protects the timber, whilst enabling you...
£1,185.00 £939.00
Iain James AMC290 Lamp Table
Iain James AMC290 Lamp Table
This Iain James Lamp Table in a Burr Walnut Finish, a naturally strong coloured timber which is bleached prior to polishing to achieve a softer, mellow patina to the finish. This bespoke Lamp table is a stunning piece of furniture which will be perfect in any traditional home.

Loft Vintage Weathered Oak Lamp Table
Loft Vintage Weathered Oak  Lamp Table 9135-03BD
£189.00 £149.00