We have a wide range of Rom sofas and chairs here at Hampton McMurray. They offer comfortable and unique seating that can be tailored to your needs. Rom’s range looks every bit as good as it feels and can fit seamlessly into both traditional and more modern designed homes.

Rom furniture is also extremely customizable, you can customise your sofas in width increments of 20cm and create something that’s uniquely suited to your home. There are also both leather and fabric options available.

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Modern, Sleek Design

Rom Sofas are the right kind of simple. They look wonderfully elegant no matter what room you put them in and can act as an attractive centre or corner piece for your home.

Whether you are seeking to put together a minimalist utopia or a more comfy and homely space, rom furniture offers a comfortable solution that can provide the whole family with premium comfort

Rom Pepe Swivel Chair - a leather swivelling option that provides versatile comfort and allows for panoramic seating. This is a great looking and feeling option for when you’re getting that perfect view of the TV,

Rom Fabric YoYo Swivel Chair - Another swivel chair, but this time available in fabric with a bold and eye-catching look that is sure to start conversations. Matched with its exceptional comfort this is a brilliant addition to any home.

Rom Premium 2 Sofa (small seat) - A compact, sleek sofa, this makes the most of your home’s space. It makes for a comfortable and versatile piece of furniture with reclining options that everyone will love sinking into at the end of a long day.

ROM Colorado Sofa - This traditional sofa has some great colour options that can be suited to a range of home designs and provides tailorable comfort that can meet the specific sizing requirements that you need.

Premium Comfort At A Bargain With Hampton McMurray

Hampton Mcmurray offers our range of premium products at competitive rates with our price match policy that makes sure that our second-to-none services are met with competitive rates.

We also have sales and special offers year-round as well as a clearance section which is regularly updated. You might just find some Rom furniture there at a heavily reduced price!

Delivery That Suits YOU

Our services, which includes White Glove delivery -meaning our team assembling your product in the room of your choosing- can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. We can even remove all of the packaging once we have finished delivering if you do not want or need it.

We’ll deliver at a time organised by you and will make sure to keep you updated on the progress of your product. This offers a hassle-free delivery experience from dispatch to doorstep.

Contact Our Team For More

Have any questions about Rom furniture? Or just looking for some advice and guidance to kickstart your home vision? Don’t hesitate to contact the team here at Hampton Mcmurray and we will be happy to help. 

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ROM BellonaROM Bellona
ROM Bellona
20CM PREMIUM 2 Choice of the size, by steps of 20cm. Larger sofas or corners (in steps of 20cm), or other combinations than the ones suggested are also possible, on request. Adjustable headrest, noiseless slide fitting. 2 seat depths : S or L (3cm difference). 2 armrests available : C = Compact or B = Basic. OPTIONS: Zero-wall relax option (electric) - wall hugger, no clearance...

Rom Premium 2 Bellona Home Cinema group with Pow. Rec. - Large seat Leather
Rom Premium 2 Bellona Home Cinema group with Pow. Rec. - Large seat Leather
Bellona Home Cinema group with Pow. Rec. - Large seat Leather
Rom Premium 2 Bellona Chair - Large seat
Rom Premium 2 Bellona Chair - Large seat
Bellona Chair - Large seat

ROM ColoradoROM Colorado
ROM Colorado
ROM Colorado

Rom Pepe Swivel ChairRom Pepe Swivel Chair
Rom Pepe Swivel Chair
The Rom Pepe chair is a swivel armchair with adjustable headrest. Perfect as a living room or a home office chair, the Pepe armchair rotates through 360° and automatically returns to its starting position. Featuring a useful side pocket for a tablet or book the Pepe is as functional as it is comfortable. This chair comes in both leather or fabric finish.
Rom Premium Twist Swivel Man. Rec. Chair Fabric
Rom Premium Twist Swivel Man. Rec. Chair Fabric
Twist Swivel Man. Rec. Chair Fabric

Rom Premium Twist Swivel Man. Rec. Chair Leather
Rom Premium Twist Swivel Man. Rec. Chair Leather
Twist Swivel Man. Rec. Chair Leather