Pillows and Bedding

Style should never ever come at the cost of a good night’s sleep, and that’s why at Hampton & McMurray, we offer excellent bedding that will offer a restful and comfortable night of sleep every night.

With that being said, our highly functional duvets and pillows still look great and can be tailored to fit just about any aesthetic preference while offering bespoke comfort with a wide range of materials used.

Stocking only the highest quality bedding, you can top off your home furnishing with the luxurious comfort that you deserve.

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Top Bedding From Top Brands

We offer bedding from top brands that know exactly what is needed for a great night of sleep. They have something for everyone, no matter their preference. So from soft pillows to the firmest of duvets, our range has you covered.

Something For Every Preference

We have bedding that can be suited to your preference no matter what you love. We strive to accommodate everyone with our great range. Just have a look at some of our available options:

Hypnos Bedstead Ortho Mattress - If you’re looking for an extra-firm mattress, this excellent option will be great for you, offering comfortable and supportive sleep that is great for the back with its extra-firm filling.

Hypnos Latex Pillow - If you sleep on your front you’re going to need a breathable pillow, the latex pillows by Hypnos offer excellent breathability and coolness to offer a great night’s sleep.

Hypnos Wool Pillow - These pillows are ideal for people who suffer hay fever, as wool is the sole proven natural anti-allergy bedding solution. These pillows are made from 100% British wool.

Excellent Deals At Our Independent Store

We are proud to be able to offer you deals that we know the big chains cannot. We want to get you the perfect bedding to top off your furnishing at the right price.

And our great deals come on top of our already competitive prices. We are so confident in our excellent rates that we offer a price match guarantee.

If you’re lucky, you may even find some bedding in the clearance section which we update regularly, where you could pick up a pillow or duvet a fraction of its original price.

Great Service After The Sale

We don’t end our fantastic service at the sale, we accommodate you until your bedding is delivered to your door.

Our delivery team will organise a day and time that works for you, and then will keep you updated on our progress until you receive your new bedding from us. To learn more about our ‘White Glove’ service, click here.

Get In Touch For More

If you are struggling with sleep and have an uncomfortable mattress or pillow, you don’t have to suffer, you can get something that offers the right comfort for you.

If you would like to know any further information about our bedding products, or the services that we offer alongside them, you can contact a member of the Hampton McMurray team by clicking here

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Hypnos Bedstead Ortho Mattress
Hypnos Bedstead Ortho Mattress
£1,199.00 £749.00
Hypnos Latex Pillow
This Hypnos Latex Pillow has been naturally derived and moulded with air pockets for extra breathability. It has a supportive and pressure-relieving surface, giving you everything you need for a comfortable night's sleep. Latex is not only breathable, but it's also antibacterial and antimicrobial. This helps to prevent any build-up on the surface of your pillow, maintaining a clean sleeping environment...
£132.00 £99.00

Hypnos Wool Pillow
The Hypnos wool pillow is a fantastic option for those who desire temperature-controlled sleep. The British sheep wool used by Hypnos is a 100% natural fibre, promising fantastic benefits such as: Regulates temperature It can be adjusted to your liking Long-lasting and durable If you like a softer pillow, you can pull the wool clusters apart, adding air and plumping up...
£132.00 from £99.00