Blanket Boxes

Who said that storage has to be purely functional? Make your bedroom your own with storage that captures that aesthetic that you love, whether that’s grand and old fashioned or something a little more understated and modern.

Get a blanket box that accents and elevates your bedroom’s look while not only storing blankets but whatever else you need it to. Due to their large storage space, this is a great place to put anything from board games to your book collection.

We have a fantastic range of blanket boxes here at Hampton & Mcmurray, offering options for any style preference. All of which have been made with expert care and attention to detail.

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Hand-Crafted Goodness

We stock fabulous blanket boxes from recognised furniture brands. With a lot of our stock being handcrafted, you know that the high-end furniture that you buy from us has had individual care put into the process.


We have a fantastic range which is always being updated, with blanket boxes that’ll last a lifetime and remain beautiful for years upon years. In order to give you an idea of our products, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on the Ercol Bosco storage bench.

This fabulous storage bench looks brilliant, with a clear matt lacquer finish that makes it appear elegant in just about any room. This is one of those fabulous pieces of furniture that works with several aesthetics.

On top of that, the lift has been upholstered, so your stylish Ercol bench which offers ample room for storage can also double up as seating. It’s great if you have a bedroom TV but aren’t quite ready to go to bed.

That’s just one of our amazing blanket boxes. We regularly update our stock so no matter your tastes, we’re sure there’s an option for you.

Get The Best Deals At Hampton & McMurray

We love to get our customers excellent deals, and as an independent furniture store, we believe that we can do more for you than the big chains.

We’re so sure that our rates are competitive that our blanket boxes come with a price match guarantee.

On top of that, we have a clearance section that we update on a regular basis where you can make huge savings, and every now and then a blanket box may pop up.

Exceptional Delivery Service

You will get a delivery that goes above and beyond with us, as our delivery team will organise a time that’s convenient for you, and will deliver right to your door.

That’s not all that we do. Our furniture experts can also assemble your blanket box in the room of your choosing and then take away any packaging, leaving you with your now assembled furniture and none of the hassle involved in setting it up yourself.

Contact Hampton & McMurray Today

Whether you just want to discuss the options that are available to you or have specific questions about the products we seek or the services we offer, our team will be happy to talk with you, so get in touch with us today.

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Ercol Bosco 5 Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers.
Ercol Bosco 5 Drawer Wide Chest of Drawers.
£1,295.00 £1,029.00
Ercol Bosco 6 Drawer Tall Narrow Chest of Drawers.
Ercol Bosco 6 Drawer Tall Narrow Chest of Drawers.
£1,215.00 £969.00

Ercol Bosco 6 Drawer Tall Wide Chest.
Ercol Bosco 6 Drawer Tall Wide Chest.
£1,525.00 £1,219.00
Ercol Bosco Storage Bench
The Bosco storage bench has an upholstered top to provide a comfortable seat whilst putting on your socks or slippers, whilst inside there are three storage compartments. Gas-struts make lifting the lid a breeze. Equally at home in your bedroom as a blanket box or in your hallway to store you shoes or gloves, scarves and hats. This furniture features the signature Bosco curved finger joint on the...
£975.00 £779.00

Loft Retro Trunk / Coffee Table
This retro industrial trunk table is made from recycled boatwood with the original paint of the boats still showing. This trunk is very spacious inside providing great storage space. Each piece is unique and colour will differ. The top is made from rounded steel, slightly brushed for a more industrial effect. Sturdy clasps to close.
£699.00 £559.00
Paris 3 + 4 Drawer Chest
Paris 3 + 4 Drawer Chest
£1,425.00 £1,139.00

Paris 3 Over 4 Drawer Wide Chest
Paris 3 Over 4 Drawer Wide Chest
£1,425.00 £1,139.00
TCH Cromwell CRO824 Laundry Chest.
TCH Cromwell CRO824 Laundry Chest.
£535.00 £429.00

TCH Cromwell CRO825 Blanket Chest.
TCH Cromwell CRO825 Blanket Chest.
£809.00 £649.00
TCH Lamont Blanket Chest.
TCH Lamont Blanket Chest in Oak Finish.
£973.00 £779.00

TCH Lamont Laundry Chest.
TCH Laundry Chest in Oak Finish.
£638.00 £499.00