Stressless Mayfair

Stressless Mayfair

Stressless is a Norwegian furniture manufacturer with over 50 years of experience crafting high-quality pieces for homes worldwide. They began their journey in the small town of Sykkylven and have since grown their brand internationally. 

Their furniture encapsulates the essence of Norwegian design; minimalism, quality and functionality are at the heart of this. Recliners have always been Stressless' pioneering product, and the Stressless Mayfair is a wonderful example of how far the company has come since its early days. 

At Hampton & McMurray, we stock a range of Stressless furniture, including the classic Mayfair recliner.

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Our Selection Of Stressless Mayfair Recliners 

Here at Hampton & McMurray, we supply a range of Stressless products to suit the design of your space. The Stressless Mayfair recliner is one of our most popular choices and has an excellent array of features which make it a comfortable and stylish option for your home.  

  • Stressless Mayfair Medium Classic Paloma Sand Recliner with Stool - with soft cushioning and expert lumbar support, this stressless chair is designed for comfort and relaxation. The chair features Plus System Technology, which means that the chair moves with your body to support you and is adjustable so you can have it just how you like it. The chair comes with a matching stool for foot support, featuring oak legs and a matching sand leather cushion. 

  • Stressless Mayfair Medium Signature Paloma Sand Recliner with Stool – Stressless' signature collection offers a few upgrades to the classics. The Mayfair Signature offers all the same support and Plus System Technology as their classic recliners but has a more streamlined, modern design. With BalanceAdapt, the sitting angle automatically adjusts to your body's tiniest movement, and the chair's base allows for a slight rocking motion. 

Our Deals At Hampton & McMurray

We've introduced a price match policy so you can rest assured that you always get the best deal when you shop with us. As a Stressless UK stockist, we can offer you a price match if you find any of our Stressless products at another UK retailer for less.

We also offer a range of high-quality discounted products in our clearance section and regularly update our stock with special offers!

Our Exemplary Delivery Service

We pride ourselves on our excellent White Glove delivery service. We will always work hard to help you get your furniture safely and easily. 

We always try to deliver on your terms, and when your order arrives at our warehouse, we'll give you a call to arrange a delivery time and date that suits your needs. We'll then ensure that your new furniture is wrapped and padded, so no harm comes to it while in transit. 

We're also happy to remove any packaging, padding or rubbish that we bring your new furniture in – the only thing we should be leaving in your house is your new furniture! 

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Do you have a question about the range of Stressless furniture we offer or the delivery services we can provide? 

Our friendly customer service team is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.