Ercol Serroni

Ercol Serroni


An elegant and stylish design, the Serroni collection of sofas  has sweeping solid oak legs that frame and accent the arms creating an attractive profile and giving the range its distinctive ercol character.  The deep seat cushions give a sumptuous comfortable sitting position. 

Available in the Natura collection of fabrics.

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Ercol Serroni Armchair.
Ercol Serroni Armchair.
£1,365.00 from £1,089.00
Ercol Serroni Footstool.
Designed to co-ordinate effortlessly with the Serroni range this large footstool has solid oak legs and is also available in the natura collection of fabrics.
£530.00 from £419.00

Ercol Serroni Grand Sofa.
The Serroni grand sofa will make a statement in any room, with it's sweeping solid oak legs which frame the arms defining its ercol identity.  This grand sofa will provide a sophisticated and plentiful seating space for you and your family or guests.  The deep encore fibre wrap cushions have a foam core with a fibre wrap to offer the ultimate in comfort the sofa comes with two feather filled scatter cushions all available in a selection of fabrics from the natura collection.
£2,125.00 from £1,699.00
Ercol Serroni Large Sofa.
The large sofa in the Serroni range provides plenty of space for your family to relax on.  The sumptuous plump foam and fibre wrap cushions create a perfect sit along with two feather filled scatter cushions.  Fusing comfort with style, the curvaceous oak legs and rail create an elegant and attractive profile through the arms.  You can further define the look with your choice of fabric from the Natura collection.
£2,050.00 from £1,639.00

Ercol Serroni Medium Sofa.
The medium sofa in the new Serroni range offers style with its solid light oak front rail and curved legs along with comfort from the encore fibre wrap cushions.  There is an assortment of beautiful colours or patterns to choose from in the Natura Collection of fabrics, to help create the look you want in your living space. The Serroni medium sofa comes with two feather filled scatter cushions.  
£1,895.00 from £1,499.00
Ercol Serroni Snuggler.
Ercol Serroni Snuggler.
£1,515.00 from £1,199.00